Term & Conditions:

It is understood and agreed to that the Discloser and the Recipient would like to exchange certain information that may be considered confidential. To ensure the protection of such information and in consideration of the agreement to exchange/share said information, the parties agree as follows:
  1. The confidential information to be disclosed by Discloser under this Agreement can be described as and includes:
“Confidential Information” at the time of its disclosure.
The Recipient shall have a duty to protect, other confidential and/or sensitive information which is (a) disclosed by Discloser in writing and marked as confidential (or with other similar designation) at the time of disclosure; and/or (b) disclosed by Discloser in any other manner and identified as confidential at the time of disclosure
  1. Recipient shall use the Confidential Information only for the purpose of evaluating the information.
  2. This Agreement shall not be construed as creating, conveying, transferring, granting or conferring upon the Recipient any rights, license or authority in or to the information exchanged
The parties acknowledge that they have read and understand this Agreement and voluntarily accept the duties and obligations set forth herein.

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