ABC Facelift

Live Surgery Workshop

ABC Facelift 

May 28th – 29th, 2019

Advance your training of facial surgery by obtaining specialized training in facelifting techniques by Dr. Patrick Baraf and Dr. Steven Cohen who share their new special facelift, the ABC Facelift. Register Here Workshop Agenda


Until May 17th

Admission to 3-day of workshop

Admission to Education Course, Cadaver Lab, Live Surgery Experience

Course Materials and Program Manual

Breakfast, Coffee Break

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    Until June 14th

    Admission to 3-day of workshop

    Admission to Education Course, Cadaver Lab, Live Surgery Experience

    Course Materials and Program Manual

    Breakfast, Coffee Break

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      Day 1

      Learn the full view of the facelifting procedure with anatomy and techniques. Video demonstrations are presented, a presentation of what’s new in the techniques, and detailed diagrams of the face and how the procedures are executed. You will learn the tips, tricks, and secrets of the Masters.

      Day 2

      Get the chance for true hands-on practice. You will partake in a cadaver lab where you execute techniques you have learned and exercise through repetition at the Université Paris Descartes.

      Day 3  

      Observe live surgeries performed by our Masters. You will experience up-close and personally how the techniques are done with narrated explanations and the ability to ask real-time questions. You will follow up with a debriefing and in the end, you will have learned to improve the technique and results of your facelifting surgery.

      Target Audience

      Plastic Surgereons
      Residents & Interns in plastic surgery

      Course Requirements

      Plastic Surgeons with a good level of practice that want to broaden their range of facelifting

      Attendance/Class Volume

      Maximum 20 People

      Contact Us

      +33 (0)7 63 26 36 81

      What Will You Achieve?

      • Perform facelifting surgical techniques with greater precision and less risk.
      • Master techniques for frontal and mid lifts with step by step procedures and how to avoid problems.
      • Which techniques to apply to your specific patient

      Techinique Advantages

      • How to find and navigate around the facial nerves
      • Learn SMAS techniques: subcutaneous undermining; plicature or flap
      • Learn SMAS suspension: skin suspension and redraping
      • Ancillary procedures: PRP and microsculpting.
      • Sub Periosteal approach of the zygoma

      Clinical Results

      • Improved recovery, less pain, and lower rate of complications
      • Obtain the same results with simple follow-up and faster recovery time.
      • Highest aesthetic quality results
      • Techniques on procedure and avoiding complications

      Patrick Baraf, MD

      Clinique des Champs-Elysées

      Dr. Patrick Baraf is a French surgeon in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. He performs all cosmetic surgery procedures, especially facial lifts and blepharoplasties (eyelids), breast surgery and abdominoplasty. For more than twenty years, he has been at the forefront of discipline in many fields, which he has helped to develop. He has worked on some innovative techniques such as gluteal implants. He is also specialized in the treatment of inguinal hernias by the Canadian method of Shouldice realized in ambulatory. During numerous trips to the United States, Dr. Barah took part in the development of new techniques in France like Injectable collagen, Liposuction, Photopolymerizable resins (used in cosmetic dentistry), Canadian treatment strategy for Inguinal Hernias, Radiation keratotomy (cure of myopia), Obagi Peeling and others.

      Jean-Louis Goin, MD

      Bordeaux Bel Air Clinic

      Dr. Jean-Louis Goin is a surgeon specialized in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery at the Bordeaux Bel Air Clinic. He is a former Head of Surgical Clinics of Bordeaux Hospitals. He is attached to the Neurosurgery Service for cranial deformities. He is the former president and a founding member of the SOFCEP, the French Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Goin is also a member of the French Collège of Plastic Surgery