Dear Colleagues and Friends,


On behalf of Campus Champs Elysées, Dr. Michael Atlan and I are pleasured to present our plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine, cosmetic dentistry and hair implantation workshops held in romantic Paris, France near the famous Avenue Champs Elysées. Our program is brought to you by some the most prestigious doctors that give their patients the sought after, refined touch that is glamourous, discreet, and natural.


The aim of the Campus is to educate plastics surgeons and doctors from all over the world in order to enhance their specialities and improve patient results. The workshops consist of live surgeries, educational courses, and cadaver labs all with the opportunity to strengthen your practice.


The lectures will provide you with valuable information pertaining to high profile procedures. The live surgeries gives you a chance to see the latest techniques and skills. And the cadaver labs will give you a hands on experience to employ what you have seen and heard.


The Campus partners with Clinique des Champs Élysées, the largest cosmetic establisment in Europe, who have been welcoming both french and international patients for over 60 years. The clinic  is a well-equipped establisment with a teams of practitioners who are highly skilled and experienced in the most sophisticated techniques.


We encourage you to join the Campus Champs Elysées and attend our upcoming workshops. We look forward to seeing you there,


Tracy Sayag & Michael Atlan, MD, PhD

CCE President &Vice President