Workshops and In-Person Courses

Workshops vary from live surgery demonstrations in a technically advanced setting, cadaver dissection, and educational courses 

that are given by expert physicians that are committed in sharing their knowledge and skills.  

Live Surgery

Educational Courses

Cadaver Labs

The Possibilities

Those attending will be provided with access to some of the newest technologies in cosmetic and plastic surgery today. They will see these techniques done in their original setting


  • Specialists share the essentials of their “professional secrets” and the strengths of their experiences.
  • Live demonstration on one or more patients followed by a Q & A session and a debriefing
  • A live broadcast of cosmetic surgery operation or capillary surgery in the training rooms
  • Communication system between the medical blocks and the training rooms allowing for continuous interaction between the participants and the trainers and / or the lecture 

Learning Objectives

Access recent advances in technologies *


Compare methods of execution*


Define and recognize knowledge and skills*


Demonstrate and perform various procedures*


Apply knowledge*